Q: Does Bedrock accept USED Vinyl?
A: Please phone the store at 415-258-9745 to see if we are currently accepting USED vinyl trade ins.
Q: Does Bedrock buy USED CDs?
A: Currently Bedrock is accepting USED CDs for trade in and/or store credit.  Unfortunately we are not offering cash for USED CDs at this time.

Q: Does my USED CD trade in credit work for buying other USED CDs only?
A: You can use your store credit towards anything that Bedrock sells and/or rents.  This includes New Release music and DVDs, Vinyl, Special Orders, T-shirts, Video Games, and more.  Our distributor carries a wide range of music and DVD related merchandise which we are happy to order for you!

Q: How much are DVD rentals?
A: New Release DVDs are $4.00 for 2 Nights and Stock Titles are $3.00 for 5 Nights.  Extra Day rental fees are $2.00 per night for New Releases and $1.50 per night for Stock Titles.

Q: How much does a rental account cost and what do I need to sign up?
A: Bedrock Music & Video rental accounts are FREE to sign up.  We ask for 2 forms of ID which typically are valid Driver's License and a credit/debit card.  If you do not want to use a credit/debit card as a 2nd form of ID, we ask that you leave a cash or check deposit for the amount of your rentals - $20 per DVD rented - which will be returned when your DVDs are brought back.

Q: Who owns Bedrock?
A: In 2005 Bedrock changed ownership and now operates as a part of Four Winds West, a local non-profit helping at risk young adults aged 18-28 years old.  
Four Winds West is located in Fairfax, CA and you can visit online at FOUR WINDS WEST online.

Q: I've never heard of a non-profit record store, how does that work?
A: Bedrock is an independent music store with great music and personable employees.  In addition, Bedrock is used as a training facility where residents of Four Winds West can work at Bedrock and learn valuable hands on job training skills.  

If you have any other questions or would like further information please don't hesitate to email us at bedrock-mv@hotmail.com or phone call at 415-258-9745.

THANK YOU for shopping local and supporting INDEPENDENT MUSIC STORES!!!