Q: Does Bedrock accept USED Vinyl?
A: Please phone the store at 415-258-9745 to see if we are currently accepting USED vinyl trade ins.
Q: Does Bedrock buy USED CDs?
A: Currently Bedrock is accepting USED CDs for trade in and/or store credit.  Unfortunately we are not offering cash for USED CDs at this time.

Q: Does my USED CD trade in credit work for buying other USED CDs only?
A: You can use your store credit towards anything that Bedrock sells and/or rents.  This includes New Release music and DVDs, Vinyl, Special Orders, T-shirts, Video Games, and more.  Our distributor carries a wide range of music and DVD related merchandise which we are happy to order for you!

Q: How much are DVD rentals?
A: New Release DVDs are $4.00 for 2 Nights and Stock Titles are $3.00 for 5 Nights.  Extra Day rental fees are $1.50 per night for New Releases and $1.00 per night for Stock Titles.

Q: How much does a rental account cost and what do I need to sign up?
A: Bedrock Music & Video rental accounts are FREE to sign up.  We ask for 2 forms of ID which typically are valid ID and a credit/debit card. 

If you have any other questions or would like further information please don't hesitate to email us at bedrock-mv@hotmail.com or phone call at 415-258-9745.

THANK YOU for shopping local and supporting INDEPENDENT MUSIC & VIDEO STORES!!!